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The Saying of It

Hard conversations are worth having if you value the people and relationships you have. It takes a huge amount of vulnerability to open up and share one's struggles in the hopes of making things better. Because you never know. You never know how your words will be received, you never know how the conversation will go, if it will end up sideways or upside down or if at the end of it, you will have a relationship at all.

But if you've been in any long term relationship, you know that these conversations are necessary and life-giving in the end. Even if the relationship falls apart, even if your words seem to fall on deaf ears--even if--the saying of it all is needed for the sayer to say and the hearer to hear and both will be changed because of the saying if it. In time, the edges will smooth out and things will unfold as they should, choices, relationships, and paths will all lead where they will.

Not that it's easy. Noooooooo! But it is brave. And with truth and kindness it is worth the risk because being real in this life is part of really living. So onward! The best is yet to be <3


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