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4th Grade

I just found out that I'll be teaching 4th graders next year! It's been a hot minute since I've taught that grade--back in my student teaching years and my first few years teaching. But I remember loving that age and the curriculum and I'm sure after all the adjustments I'll be loving it just as much as I once did.

This is the part I get to trust my God for good things and that even in the not good things, that He will ever be beside me, helping and guiding me. In other words, this is the hard part!!!

Another big change. Life has been rife with them these past few years. Covid and online teaching, a stint as a reading teacher this year, and now onto grade 4. I'm so glad and needful to have the summertime to recalibrate and rest, especially after this year.

I aim to go gentle into all of these new territories. I almost said 'adventures' but I'm not in that mindspace, yet. I am going to go slow and easy, otherwise I get too overwhelmed too fast. I'm glad to know you're here with me, waiting to see what unfolds too. We're in it together.


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