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A New Year

We are already 3 months into the new school year and I'm happy to report that I am having a great year! I'm loving my kiddos--my class is so sweet--and I'm enjoying my colleagues very much. I'm having to manage some health issues this year--so junk--but it is what it is and I gotta do what I gotta do. Changes are hard, but necessary. Today is my day for moping, tomorrow I get busy tackling things one at a time, making changes to my diet mainly.

Oh man, getting older is hard. I'm trying my best over here. I'm grateful to be getting older mind you, grateful I get to grow older, just having a hard time making healthy choices for myself on a consistent basis. But I must. Baby steps, baby steps towards health and towards myself. That's how to do it, slow and gentle.Wish me well!


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