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Oh the Dreams I Dream!

Oh, I had a wicked bout with insomnia last night and today I'm dragging. BUT, I was so excited about waking up this morning to spend time in the studio! I couldn't wait to write on the blog and connect with you here, so hello!

I am inching my way along in my writing course--loves, it's going to take a long while, so hunker down :). I am learning lots and brainstorming lots and being impatient at all the things, ha.

But one thing I am actively doing is looking for the right writer's/artist's community to belong to, or maybe, build. I don't have a group yet, but just thinking about forming a real-live creative community gives me so much joy, joy I haven't felt in a long time! I wish I could gather you all up so that we could all be odd ducks together, and maybe one day we will find a way to do just that. Bur for now, my heart is yearning to start here, where I am. Still, I'm so glad we have our connection through the interwebs. I've met so many friends here, some that have grown very dear to me and that I've gotten to meet in real life and for this I'm so, so grateful.

One of my wildest dreams is to go on a couch-surfing trip. I'd boldly ask who would welcome me for a visit, and I'd go and stay with you all for a few days to meet, make art, write and connect. Wouldn't THAT be a blast?! Oh the dreams I dream!


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