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Loving Curiosity

Our writing group met for the first time last night and it was so life-giving! I've known these wonderful peoples for years now, and it was powerful to spend some focused time together. We ate a quick bite, caught up with each other on life and had a discussion about the importance of safety in this group and what that looks like, and why it's of utmost importance.

Then we poured over each other's writing. Some read their personal writings out loud--GASP! Some shared a book they were reading. For me, I shared a beloved Mary Oliver poem, "Have You Ever Tried to Enter the Long Black Branches?" We spent some time devouring her words and talking about how we can breathe more deeply to live a deeper life, how we can not just be spectators in this world, but full participants, engaged and alive.

One of the concepts we latched onto early on in our meeting was the idea of having "Loving Curiosity" for one another. This is not meant to be a critique group, but rather a safe and nurturing space to grow as writers and creatives. With that at heart, we are not about analyzing one another or even each other's work in progress, but will rather maintain a loving curiosity about each person, their work and process.

I'm so grateful down to my toes! I can't wait for our next gathering! :) Yay for creative community!


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