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Explorer of the World

In between work and home life, I am an explorer of the world--at least my own inner world. Lately I've been thinking about joy and how to reside in joy as an act of being. It's not easy for me--joy comes for brief visits then leaves me in my natural melancholy state, usually.

But sometimes it peeks through. I caught it on paper last night, playing in my new sketchbook, smooshing around gouache and letting myself explore abstract art. It's really growing on me!

Perhaps this will grow into a body or work? Or maybe it's all just play and won't be seen again? That's the beauty of my sketchbook--no hard and fast rules. Just play. Just try out things on a whim, new ideas, new color combinations, the what ifs. It's a refreshing break from all of the adult responsibilities that tug at my hem. What are you doing to play today?


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