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I woke up to a very long work email early this morning, that I should not have read until Monday. But I did read it, and then I couldn't sleep.

My spring break is ending tomorrow and then back to work I go. In the midst of this creative reawakening, I can already feel the pull back to the old rhythms I was following.

I'm feeling a bit anxious and fearful about keeping my creative work flowing...I hope I can manage life when it starts up again fully on Monday.

It isn't lost on me that all of this is happening at once. I could see this season as a test or a trial to endure, but instead I'm looking at it as a challenge for me to pursue joy regardless of what my work week does or doesn't look like, or maybe even because of it. I think if I keep joy at the center, I'll be okay, more than okay because joy always leads me to God. The hard part is in the doing. I hope you'll stay with me on this new leg of the creative journey to see where it all goes.


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