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3 More Fridays 'Til Summer

Is it really just 3 more Fridays 'til summer?!! Omygosh I love the sound of that!!!

It's been a year! New teaching position, new responsibilities and a steep learning curve in this new job...I've been stretched this year for sure. Plans are already underway for next school year, but before we dive in to that fully, summer will be here and I'll have time to take a nice long break and hopefully, recalibrate.

We are taking a 5 week family trip this summer, to Japan. The one thing I am most looking forward to during this trip is swaths and oodles of time with my boys. Now, I get them in drips--they are so busy with their own lives--so it will be excellent to have them 24/7 for several weeks on end! I don't know if they're looking forward to this as much as I am, but I am one happy mama!


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