• Jan Avellana

when summer comes

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

when summer comes, the water —-velvety and thick—- will be there to greet you, lapping at your toes, licking you with the soft caress of a puppy’s tongue and the days will spread out—- long and wide, a buffet of hours, dripping, spilling over and there will be so many yesses to say, and memories to make and big gulps of joy to swallow, seed, pulp and rind, when summer comes.

~ j. avellana


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grief saunters in, like a rude house guest who forgets her key at 2 am-- tracking in mud, leaving her sandals strewn about, letting the screen door slam behind her. ~ j. avellana

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meet me under the soft moon, when the fruitless fingers almost touch the ground-- weary with waiting and sorrow. we can breathe then-- and utter all the unsayable things that words could never say. ~

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