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What the Soul Needs

I'm so astonished at how little encouragement the soul needs to flourish. Like an air plant, moisture in the air is enough for it to fill its thirst, if only we let it.

Today I bought these Fiskar scissors for my art studio and unwrapping this humble tool birthed this new piece. Do you see what I mean?

More is sometimes better, and I'm not saying that we can survive for eons on scraps, (nor should we), but the soul--she knows how to use what little we have to make miracles! Just the littlest encouragement, the lightest sprinkle of rain, and flowers grow. I had forgotten, completely forgotten this.

And the truth is, I've been parched for months, going into years now. I couldn't have told you exactly what was wrong with me, but now I know. My soul had dried up and gone into hibernation mode to conserve what little I was giving it to go on.

I forgot that I was an artist, a writer, a mess maker, a dreamer. I let work and home consume me--no wonder I've been so empty!

But I'm here now, and that's what matters. I'm slowly tending to my soul, asking it what we want, what we need, what brings us joy. And I'm bending low to listen for answers.

What little thing can you do today to encourage your soul to sing? I'm all ears.

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