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Has it really been almost a year since I blogged here? I'm still here! This spot on the internet is one little space I've left open for my creative self to exist, to come and visit from time to time. It's not much, but it's also everything on some days, you know?

Lately, there have been late night stirrings, a call to come back to my art practice in some form. So I've been writing some, and sketching some, but not sharing much with the world yet. And I've begun to dream bits of new arty dreams.

I have to push aside the feelings and trolls that tell me it's too little, too late, and instead lean into the kinder voices asking, "What would be fun?!" and "What would you like to do?!"

So I'm letting myself explore and play and dream again. And art or words (or maybe both!) will be born, I'm sure of it, in due time. But for now, I'm gestating and feeling mighty peaceful about it all for a change! Stay tuned for all of the goodness yet to come--my best work is still ahead of me!


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