• Jan Avellana


I guess I kinda forgot that this is the space I can come to just to breathe and offer whatever little creative offerings I might have. Lately I feel as if there isn't any "me" in my life, or very little. The realization is unnerving and has made me take a step back to see where I got so lost and how to get back on the right path.

There has only been work lately. Work has been gobbling me up and spittin' out mah bones, clean.

I watched a promo for creatives who find themselves intersecting at the place of creativity, business and community, and there was a small pang in my heart (proving that I'm not all dead yet) for what I once. But I think I long for creativity and community, but feel left out because I'm in this weird space of not selling anything and not publishing, but just yearning to connect to others. I've been here for a while now, sort of just treading water and getting all pruny. I wonder if there is a group for me to belong to somewhere?

Anyway, I'm in a strange space of what feels like nothingness. Like this isn't even the "in-between". More like somewhere between fallow and comatose--is there a word for that?

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