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  • Writer's pictureJan Avellana

Mr. T's Classroom

As a treat, I enjoy going into my friend and co-worker's classroom to soak in all his creative energy. Visiting his classroom is the same as walking an art studio--same vibes, same works in progress laying here and there, and yes, same comforting messes.

There is a connection that exists between artists, no matter how disparate those artists and their creative endeavors might seem. There is something about living through the creative process that creates a sense of community, much like labor and birth connects all mothers. The creative process knits us together, a web of knowing in the intimate sense, what its like to be a creator.

I am welcomed into this sacred space every single time, as if I belong there. In this teaching community where I've often felt like an outsider, Mr. T's classroom is a small haven on campus, reminding me of what can still be, and sometimes, to mourn what was lost.

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