• Jan Avellana

Long Draughts

Weary with life, one evening I called and spoke to Dale, a wise friend and Pastor. He counseled me along the lines of, "Sometimes we get long draughts for our thirst and other times we get a drop, but we do what we can with it." Isn't it so true?

The rain came down yesterday, all day, and I went for a walk in the midst of the storm. The rain pelted my bare legs and feet, like tiny ice bombs. The lawns heaved soggy with water, great pools of catching at once dry tree roots. I wondered at how the trees must drink in gulps at these times, knowing that later there won't be enough to quench it's thirst, and how yet somehow, it becomes enough for the trees keep growing and standing year after year, rainy winters after dry, humid falls.

I've been needing long draughts lately--of deep community, friendship, peace--but there hasn't been enough. So I conserve my energies by hibernating more, taking in deep long drinks when I can, savoring the sweetness and storing it up in my bones for later times and then I let it seep out slowly, like an IV drip to water me just so. We do what we can with what we have.

How about you? How are you doing? I mean, really? <3