• Jan Avellana

Why the Beastly Poet?

It's a phrase that has been slogging aroud in my noggin for some time. I write--sometimes prose, mostly poetry. I make art too, or at least I used to, once upon a time as they say. I love to travel, especially to Japan (well, before COVID). Part fish, I'd rather be in the ocean, shriveled with pruny fingertips and blue lips. I used to devour good books, but lately my mind is like a sieve and I can only now manage to read memes, or brief internet articles on how to manage anxiety. I enjoy five hour long coffee talk story sessions with dear friends. I'm just a girl, living a small life. But the thread that runs through it all is depression, sometimes a nasty, hairy beast--mostly a constant companion I've learned to accept as a tag-along, not yet a friend. So that's me. The Beastly Poet. Part beast, mostly poet.