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Keep Moving Forward

I wouldn't say I'm flying, but I'm definitely moving forward, even if I am more like an inchworm than a bird! I'm enjoying making art and writing a bit each day. There's a deep, comforting peacefulness when I'm creating, even in the midst of the sometimes artist's angst.

My husband is my greatest supporter and cheerleader. When I told him I was nervous about my next steps, he told me "Just move forward. God will take care of the rest." It was like salve to a throbbing wound. And so I did the next scary thing!

I'm officially a student in the Storyteller Academy, where I will learn to write and maybe illustrate children's books. This has been a lifelong dream and I'm finally taking steps towards fulfilling it. I'm so nervous and giddy and I can't wait to dive in to see where this all leads. I'm scared and excited and anxious and happy, all at once! I hope you'll follow me along in my journey :). If you want to get updates from the blog to your inbox, you can subscribe to my blog here. Signing up will notify you when I have a new post up on the blog (or if I ever send out a newsletter!) by alerting your inbox, so it makes it easy for you to keep abreast of all that's going on with me and my creative life! Hugs and yay, here we go!


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