• Jan Avellana

in a little boat

It's been such a gloomy, grey day. The wind is still angry at times. I normally love dreary days like this, especially non-workdays (who am I kidding--what are those?) spent at home, but today I was just antsy and restlesss. I just hung aroud the house all day, like this lamb, but not as adorable. Bah-humbug.

All I have to share with you today is a tiny poem, but she is new and a WIP which means I don't think she's really finished yet, but are any of us really ever 'finished'?

in a little boat

she floats away,

in the fairest cornflower blue skies.

there are no docks,

or ropes,

or any earthly tethers...

she is free.

her yearning rests now,

and she giggles like a young girl

filling the sails

with her laughter.

she is weightless,

and unburdened,

dressed in her ratty cotton nightgown,

the one that's threadbare and holey

and oh so soft

that hints at the slightest scent of milk

from when

she nursed her babies side-by-side.

and there are no storms that await her,

no heaving waves

that might capsize her--

just gentle winds

at her back,

and her,


-j. a. hongo november 2020