• Jan Avellana

I Did a Thing!

HEY YOU GUYS I DID A THING!!! I put together a small 7” x 5” book of my poetry. BUT, in my pregnant NEED to give birth to this thing, the cover art is junky and there are a couple of typos. Still, to make up for this, I am going to be making one of a kind DUST JACKETS with original art for each book! I’ve ordered just 14, so if you want one let me know! Cost for this labor of imperfect LOVE is $30: includes 30 pages of poetry and a dust cover with original art . Shipping out in early January after printing is complete (this will not arrive in time for Christmas). DM me and I’ll PayPal you!

p.s.. I am suffering from a major vulnerability hangover, so you can find me hibernating this week while I figure out what I just did! :/

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