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I am but a Worm Warrior

“Courage is getting clobbered by the deeps— then waking up, getting dressed, and doing it all over again.”

The school year is going well, a nicer class I haven’t had in a long time! But my battle with depression has been off and on this year, and lately has me beat. I haven’t written or arted in eons, and maybe that has something to do with it—I’m too brain dead to analyze, but whatever the case, depression is on a winning streak and some days I am just exhausted, defeated. But then I realized I’m doing my best. I get up everyday to potentially face it all again, every damn day. Go me. And go YOU too if you’re in the same battle as I am. Some days are just hard and you do what you can. But gold stars and confetti for getting dressed this morning and rising to face the day, come what may. We are warriors, even though we may feel like worms. Truth.

1Laura Tulics Hall


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