• Jan Avellana


I brought out the old lamp this morning in the hopes that my writing dry spell would dissipate upon sight of its magical light. I modge podged scalloped quilting fabric (pieces from another life), when my mom was in hospice (the first time), on Christmas eve, spread out on my bed. I think of it as such a tender time--I skipped out of our annual church candlelight service that year, with too much going on emotionally in my life. So I remember being home by myself, making a yummy dinner and revelling in the quiet and solitude of the holiness of the night.

When I finally finished this craft, glue between the webs of my fingers and under my nails--and truth be told, in my hair--I clicked on the light and the glow! "Christ is the light of the world!" it seemed to say, "Yes, even though you are happily alone on Christmas eve, even though your artiest hopes and dreams are going down the toilet, even if you are messy inside and out and you are grieving, even if you are too tenderhearted for this world, Jesus is here for you, especially those like you."

So go modge podge that "silly craft" you keep thinking about. Go and write--anything. I'll be here, keeping the light on for you. <3