• Jan Avellana

Audacious Dreams and Such

One of my longest held FaceBook dreams is to meet as many of my friends here in real life as possible, and see where and how they live. I imagine cretaing a book around my adventures. I often wonder who would let me into their world for a few days or a week? I would of course pay for all of my expenses, food, transportation costs and the like! Would anyone actually take me in?!!!

I especially crave experiencing all four seasons--WINTER--most of all, as a deprived island girl who was born and raised with just two seasons: sun, and sun plus rain. I imagine that a book of poetry would emerge out of this adventure, and maybe even a work of fiction! Anyways, I dream these audacious dreams with such vigor and without inhibition, but I'm only telling you all this now.

Who among you would welcome me on an adventure with you? Where do you live? And what season would you want to host me, if this dream came true? And have you ever been to Hawaii?! How awesome would it be to host YOU here in my leetle sunny space? :) Oh, the dreams I dream!