• Jan Avellana

And Now We Come to a New Year

"And now we come to a new year,

full of things that have never been."

-Rainer Maria Rilke

The thing I love about each new year is a chance to begin again, fresh, though really, life offers us continual minute by minute, second by second renewal if we so choose it. And this is the thing—let's choose it this year.

I have so many creative wishes and dreams that are patiently waiting their turns to come out and expolore. They lie fallow for years sometimes, while I tend to my "life". But like you, I have a chance to make different choices each moment of the day. This year, I want to delve more into pottery, writing and perhaps painting.

I have spools and spools of trvel inside of me that I haven't had a chance to get out of my system recently. (But boy, did I get to grieve to my heart's content!) I'd like to see Japan again this year and also visit family and friends as soon as it's safe.

What fresh things are calling to you, this new year?